I am based in Bristol and Weston Super Mare. I studied Fine Art in 2008 and have been learning ever since.

After a change in direction, I have returned and reconnected with my love of art.


I tend to focus on light contrasts, mark-making techniques, layering, and scraping away to create artwork. I’m drawn to expressive, gestural art and free-flowing colours. I typically paint from the imagination but it is sometimes based on something I have seen in life.


My work is fluid and I paint quickly.  It changes over and over, which makes for an exciting process and hopefully leads to a more beautiful outcome. I am all about the bright colours.

The scraping and replacing of paint, reveals hidden colours and marks below the surface, which adds texture and depth. I believe art is a journey of process and reflection in whatever form that may be.


My inspiration is also drawn from other artists, old and new. I always paint with music (typically ambient Drum and Bass!) as I feel it helps my creativity and adds to the expressive flow. I mainly use acrylic and oil pastel. I paint on canvas, wood, cardboard and paper.

You can follow my journey at @adamscolours through Instagram. Check out my blog if you prefer.

Get in touch at adamscolours@gmail.com


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