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I am based in Weston-super-Mare and Bristol. I studied Fine Art at Art College in 2008 and quickly realised that painting and colour theory was my preference.

I have done many private commissions, for individuals and larger organisations, sold my own paintings in the UK and overseas.

I tend to focus on light contrasts, mark-making techniques, layering, and scraping away to create artwork. I’m drawn to expressive, gestural art and free-flowing colours. I typically paint from the imagination but it is sometimes based on something I have seen or feel in life.  My work is fluid and I paint quickly, let it dry, then add more.


My paintings sometimes change over and over, which makes for an exciting process and hopefully leads to a more dynamic outcome. I am all for bright colours, usually painting straight onto a canvas once I have a rough outline in my mind.

The scraping and replacing of paint, reveals hidden colours and marks below the surface, which adds texture and depth. 


My inspiration is drawn from other artists, places I have been, but mostly what I feel. I have a soft spot for surrealist art and photography. I always paint with music as I feel it encourages me to be expressive. I mainly use acrylic, oil pastel and spray paint.  

Get in touch through the contact form or by email and I'll get back to you. 

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